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The Boys Club was founded in October 26, 2013 by Adrian,Zephan,and Jensen.Those three are approximately 8-9 years old when the Boys Club was founded.

  • Adrian(main founder):8 years old
  • Jensen(co- founder):8 years old
  • Zephan(orgranizer):9 years old
  • Club Friends:Girls Club
  • Problems

  • There are more young members than elder members
  • The Boys Club is having a hard time defending the Girls Club
  • Great Things

  • The Boys Club has won against the Girls Club so many times
  • Even though we have more younger members we are still powerful
  • Boys Club Members

      green=851points and above
  • 1.Adrian code:1A61227 B-edition 1696points
  • 2.Aaron code:2A61224 M-edition 626points
  • 3.Joshua code:8J15111 M-edition 469points
  • 4.Daniel code:3D44715 M-edition 393points
  • 5.Jed code:4J41052 M-edition 981points
  • 6.Zayne code:10Z3299 B-edition 809points
  • 7.Zephan code:5Z62339 B-edition 1669points
  • 8.Jensen code:6J51419 B-edition 1643points
  • 9.Johnathan code:7J11154 S-edition 368points
  • Meanings

  • 1.BC=Boys Club
  • 2.MBC=Boys Club Meating
  • 3.I-alert=alert,intruder(s)
  • 4.GS=Gaurds sullute
  • 5.AN=Attak now
  • 6.BW=Boys Won
  • 7.GW=Girls Won
  • 8.BT=Both tied
  • Scores

    Red=Girls beat us


    Green=Boys won

    Orange=Session went bad

    Blue=Session went okay

    Purple=Session went great

    White=Session hasn't started yet or it is going on

  • Session 1
  • 1.Jensen's house:bc=19-gc=16-BW-Oct (This is a special event)ID=1a
  • 2.Adrian's house:bc=27-gc=24-BW-Nov 9,2014 (This is a special event)ID=1b
  • Session 2
  • 3.Sarah's house:bc=28-gc=28-BT-Nov 30,2013 ID=2a
  • 4.Zayne's house:bc=98-gc=153-GW-Dec 25,2014 (This is a special event) ID=2b
  • Session 3
  • 5.Robin and Mincy's house:bc=20-gc=18-bw-Jan 11,2014 ID=3a
  • 6.Sarah's house:bc=23-gc=-17-BW-Jan 25,2014 (violence report on this day) ID=3b
  • 7.Jacob and Susan's house:bc=14-gc=10-BW-Feb 8,2014 ID=3c
  • Session 4
  • 8.Joclyn's house:bc=2-gc=2-BT-Feb 22,2014 ID=4a
  • 9.Jensen's house:bc=11-gc=4-BW-March 8, 2014 ID=4b
  • 10.Sarah's house:bc=10-gc=5-BW-March 22, 2014 ID=4c
  • 11.Noel's house:bc=2-gc=1-BW-April 12, 2014 ID=4d
  • 12.Jed's house:bc=3-gc=2-BW-May 3, 2014 ID=4e
  • Session 5
  • 13.Zayne's house:bc=13-gc=9-BW-May 17, 2014 ID=5a
  • 14.Zephan's house:bc=14-gc=13-BW-June 14, 2014 ID=5b
  • 15.Daniel's house : Opening biblestudy from summer break. September 20, 2014 ID=5c
  • Session 6
  • 16.Boys Club is failing to play(Check the news section for more info)ID=6a
  • 17.Sarah's house:bc=7-gc=5-BW-October 18, 2014 ID=6b
  • 18.Adrian's house:bc=3-gc=2-BW-November 1, 2014 ID=6c
  • 19.Jensen's house:bc=2-gc=1-BW-November 15, 2014 ID=6d
  • Session7
  • 20.Sarah's house:bc=6-gc=4-BW-November 29, 2014 ID=7a
  • 21.Jed's house:bc=4-gc=2-BW-December 27, 2014 ID=7b
  • 22.Adrian's house:bc=7-gc=4-BW-January 10, 2015 ID=7c
  • 23.Jacob and Susan's house:bc=3-gc=1-BW-January 24, 2015 ID=7d
  • Session 8
  • 24.Jed's house:bc=4-gc=5-GW-February 14, 2015 ID=8a
  • 25.Adrian's House:bc=23-gc=17-BW-April 11, 2015 ID=8b
  • 26.Zayne's House:bc=1-gc=0-BW-April 25, 2015 ID=8c
  • Summer Break
  • Session 9
  • 27.Sarah's house:bc=17-gc=12-BW-September 26, 2015 ID=9a
  • 28.Zayne's house:bc=28-gc=21-BW-October 24, 2015 ID=9b

  • How many times we won:22 times
  • How many times we tied with the Girls Club:2 times
  • How many times the Girls Club beat us:2 time

  • Total:28 biblestudies and 9.5 sessions

    Special Events

    Boys Club Was Founded October 26, 2013
    The Boys Club webpage was made October 29, 2013
    The founder's birthday November 3,2013
    A bible study at the founders house celebrating his birthday November 9,2013
    The first Boys Club flag was made December 3,2013
    Boys Club vs. Girls Club on Christmas December 25,2013
    Girls Club decides to stop playing(But they came back) Janruary 25,2014
    First Boys Club Logo was made April 10, 2014
    The first Boys Club Flag got ruined, so they made a copyApril 15, 2014
    Aaron buys the Boys Club Medalion for 1000 member points, and then he got negative 192 points. October 4, 2014
    Boys Club and Girls Club Birthday October 26, 2014
    A bible study at the founders house celebrating his decade(10th) birthday November 1, 2014
    New Boys Club Flag was designed and laminated September 3, 2015


    He bought it!

    Our little fellow Aaron has oficially buys the Boys Club Medalion . Aaron buys the Boys Club Medalion for 1000 member points, and then he had negative 192 points. It was very surprising but Aaron seemed to forget about how many points he has . He had 808 points until he bought the medalion and he didn't seem to care about his member points . The only 2 things that he is worried about is him losing the medalion and losing his membership for the Boys Club, CANCLED! The second thing is, that he is afraid he won't be able to be part of the Boys Club because his amount of points are below 0 and when a member's amount of points is below 0, the member will have to take a test . If he passes, he will remain in the Boys Club . But if he fails, then he has to leave the Boys Club! Well that was the biggest Boys Club event on October 4, 2014 .

    We're doomed!

    The Boys Club's Leaders couldn't come for so far 2 biblestudies in a row. If this continues, it can be the end of the Boys Club!Hopefully we can come back, but we don't know!


    October 16, 2014 was the day that the Boys Club Medalion was lost, although Aaron passed the test to remain in the club,but he lost the medalion!He was still kept in the club because his mom accidentlly threw it in the trash! We'll have come up with a replacement soon!

    Special Occasion? Lucky Girls Club!

    The Boys Club got a new theory that might actually predict when the Girls Club wins or not! Recently, Adrian (The founder) found out that the Girls Club keeps winning on special days if that day has a biblestudy, on Christmas 2014 the Girls Club won against the Boys Club and on Valentine's Day 2015 They one agian. Adrian also says they tie on days close to special occasions because on a day close to Valentine's Day 2014 they tied with us and on a day close to Thanksgiving, we tied again! If this continues, this will be a good warning for the Boys Club on when they should play extremely good, also it will be a revelutionary theory to help the Boys Club prepare more before special events

    Boys Club ST(Boys Club Security Team)

    The Boys Club Security Team is one of the most important things to keep the Boys Club up and running.The Boys Club Security Team also has one group that has something called T.B.C.W.M(The Boys Club Webpage Moniters)that moniters the Boys Club Webpage wich means it can moniter who visits the Boys Club Webpage how long they are looking at the Boys Club Webpage and if they made any changes to the Boys Club Webpage.

    Security Team Members

  • Zayne
  • Joshua
  • Zephan
  • Daniel
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