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Now That's Trash!

Do you know that there is about 730 milion pounds of trash that arrives at the Alameda County Transfer Sation each year?!

Come on earthquake! I want gold!

Do you know that earthquakes can make gold in the earth's crust?!

What does it stand for?

If you have heard of this computer company called HP, have you ever thought about what HP stands for? It stands for Hewlett Packard!

That small?

You know that atoms are pretty small right? But do you know that one salt grain is about over 2 billion atoms.

Reinstall It!

Do you know that if a Windows 9 CPU catches a virus, you have to reinstall windows!

Giant Tablet? Seriously?!

Did you know that the largest tablet in the world is called the Nabi Big Tab?It has a 64 inch screen!

Smaller than atoms?!

Do you know anything smaller than atoms? If you do you must be a scientist! They are called Neutrinos!

Biggest Operating System Release!

The Biggest PC operating system release happened on July 29, 2015. It is called Windows 10. 1 billion people got Windows 10!

Wake up snail!

Did you know that a snail can sleep for 3 years!

At least small planes can!

A small plane can fly backwards

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